Structure and function of the human body. Virtual lab experience included.

Course Details

This is a human anatomy course. As such, it covers all parts of the body, including those associated with reproduction.
Please be aware that all exams are proctored and taken online.
Note: Be sure that you purchase access to the textbook content and Connect/APR. To buy the textbook, you will follow the link in the course and it will cost about $77.
Course Outline
Module 1: Lessons 1, 2, and 3 (First Look at Anatomy, Embryology, Histology/ Integumentary)
Module 2: Lessons 4 and 5 (Cartilage, Bone Tissue, and Axial Skeleton)
Module 3: Lesson 6 (Appendicular Skeleton and Joints)
Module 4: Lessons 7 and 8 (Muscle Tissue/ Organization and Axial Muscles)
Module 5: Lesson 9 (Appendicular Muscles)
Module 6: Lessons 10 and 11 (Nervous Tissue and CNS)
Module 7: Lessons 12, 13, and 14 (PNS/ANS, the Senses and Endocrine System)
Module 8: Lessons 15 and 16 (Heart/Vessels and Lymphatic System)
Module 9: Lessons 17 and 18 (Respiratory and Digestive Systems)
Module 10: Lessons 19 and 20 (Urinary and Reproductive Systems)