Introductory course for general education students.

Course Details

Due to the nature of this course’s learning outcomes, the final exam is only available in a paper format. Please plan for shipping time.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Ways of Knowing
Lesson 1: What Is the Eternal Nature of Education?
Lesson 2: Do You Know What You Should Think?
Lesson 3: What Does It Mean to Be Responsible Skeptics and Prudent Stewards?
Unit 2: The Culture of Science
Lesson 1: What Is the Nature of Science?
Lesson 2: Statistics: Message in the Math
Lesson 3: The Logic of Hypothesis Testing
Unit 3: The Facts of Life
Lesson 1: What Is Life?
Lesson 2: The Chemistry of Life, Part I: Why Do I Need Water Daily?
Lesson 3: The Chemistry of Life, Part II: What Raw Materials Do I Need?
Lesson 4: Cells: The Smallest Part of You
Lesson 5: The Energy of Life, Part I: Acquiring Energy from the Sun
Lesson 6: The Energy of Life, Part II: Harvesting Energy from Food
Unit 4: The Continuity of Life
Lesson 1: DNA: What Is It and What Does It Do?
Lesson 2: Inheritance and the Genealogy of Cells
Lesson 3: Where Do We Begin and Our Parents End? Mendelian Genetics
Lesson 4: How Much Do Mendel’s Rules Explain?
Lesson 5: Mr. Potato Head Genetics
Lesson 6: Is Your DNA Your Destiny?
Unit 5: Evolution and the Diversity of Life
Lesson 1: What Is the History of Evolutionary Theory?
Lesson 2: What Is Evolution and How Does It Work?
Lesson 3: What Is the Evidence for Speciation?
Lesson 4: Why Is Evolution So Controversial?
Unit 6: The Ecology of Life
Lesson 1: Is Our Population Out of Control?
Lesson 2: Why Preserve Biodiversity?
Lesson 3: What Is Nature Worth?
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