Additional issues in financial and managerial accounting. Review of issues related to balance sheet accounts, performance evaluation, and capital budgeting.

Course Details

ACC 200 (Principles of Accounting) or equivalent skill.
Course Outline
Module 01: Review of Accounting Cycle
Module 02: Expanded Financial Statement Analysis
Module 03: Statement of Cash Flows
Module 04: Sales and Receivables
Module 05: Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory
Module 06: Time Value of Money
Module 07: Long-term Assets
Module 08: Bond Financing
Module 09: Equity Financing
Module 10: Product Costing I
Module 11: Product Costing II
Module 12: Standard Costs and Responsibility Accounting
Module 13: Activity-based Costing
Module 14: Cost Volume Profit Analysis
Module 15: Capital Budgeting