Introduction to legal principles and institutions affecting business.

Course Details

Brigham Young University students must have Marriott School of Management major status.
Course Outline
Module 1: Lifecycle of a Business, Principal/Agent, Partnerships
Module 2: LLCs and Corporations
Module 3: Financing/Securities Compliance, Business Practicalities
Module 4: Contracts
Module 5: More on Contracts
Module 6: Practicalities in Contracts
Module 7: Employment Laws
Module 8: Intellectual Property, Secured Transactions, Debtor/Creditor Relationships
Module 9: Antitrust, Crime, Sarbanes/Oxley
Module 10: Corporate Liability
Module 11: Courts, Jurisdiction, ADR
Module 12: Closing/Selling a Business, Mergers/Acquisitions
Module 13: Ethics