BYU Online High School: 2021–2022 Enrollment Open Now!

BYU Online High School

Does online high school work better for your family? Would your teenagers like to earn a high school diploma from BYU? If so, our new online high school can make that possible! 

BYU Online High School offers an ideal blend of structure and flexibility. Students develop great time management skills and take challenging online courses with the support of advisors, teachers, and classmates. Weekly activities provide social interactions and new friendships.  

Best of all? Our students are free to study anywhere, develop amazing talents, and spend more time with family—all while they earn a high school diploma from BYU. Many BYU OHS families live abroad or in areas where a high-quality education is not available, but many others simply choose to embrace greater responsibility to enjoy a level of freedom that most families only dream of.  

Enrollment is now open for the 2021–2022 school year! Below is a brief overview of BYU Online High School enrollment options.  

Semester Enrollment 

Beginning this fall, BYU OHS Semester Enrollment students will participate in a hybrid schedule, meaning core classes will hold one online learning session per week through Virtual Live Instruction, but electives and other required courses are completed without face-to-face online class meetings. There’s no need to worry about your kids trying to navigate online courses on their own!  

  • Semester enrollment is available for incoming freshmen and sophomores. 

  • Semester enrollment students follow a traditional August-to-May academic calendar year that includes generous holiday breaks. Students take six courses per semester. 

  • Academic advisors help students choose either the Standard or Advanced diploma track as they make a personalized plan based on post-graduation goals.  

  • Students create their own daily and weekly schedules; advisors and teachers provide support. 

  • Advanced students may opt to take university-level courses for dual credit.  

Semester courses are led by certified teachers and provide interactive learning opportunities for students. Interactions include student discussions, online hangouts, engaging activities, and one-on-one mentoring. The student community meets each Friday for activities and inspiring presentations, and students can meet with an advisor every two weeks for “huddles”—meetings to report on progress. Learn more about Full-Time Enrollment and see the FAQs on the Full-Time Enrollment Overview page. 

Open Enrollment 

Looking for a more flexible path to a high school diploma without a semester-bound schedule? With Open Enrollment, students enroll in flexible online courses and finish each course at their own pace (within 2–12 months).  

  • An advisor helps each student choose the Standard or Advanced diploma track, based on post-secondary goals.  

  • Open Enrollment students can transfer in course credits from prior their prior school(s), complete remaining graduation requirements through BYU OHS, and earn a diploma.  

  • Choose from standard or specialty online courses (e.g., Advanced Placement, music, World Languages, career and technical education, and much more!).  

Visit the Full-Time Enrollment Overview page to learn more about Open Enrollment. 

Adult Education 

For students who have moved into adult life without their high school diploma, it’s not too late to earn one! Credits earned from an accredited high school can transfer to BYU OHS Adult Education. While some Adult Education students seek a high school diploma many years after dropping out, the program also provides a great diploma path for students who have fallen behind more recently. Students who are 18 participate in Open Enrollment until they turn 19, at which time they phase into Adult Education. Contact our advisors at for more information!  

Looking for Individual Courses?  

For those who need to earn course credit that will transfer to a local school, Individual Course Enrollment can fill that need. Middle school, high school, and university courses are available. These courses are best for students who want to take courses not offered at their school, need to make up lost credit, or want to get ahead or graduate early. Register for these online courses through BYU Independent Study or call 1-800-914-8931 (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. MST). 

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